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rent counter strike game server Welcome to Fragnservers Counter Strike 1.6 server rental page. Our counter strike servers come in 3 flavors, from basic to super boosted speed, and can support up to 32 players. For the best counter strike servers, choose Fragnservers. counter strike 1.6 game server rental
Counter Strike Servers

   Counter Strike 1.6 Servers
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Counter Strike the original was released 1999 as a modification for Half Life. As one of the most popular online games of all time, Counter Strike has proven itself worthy of its popularity. Our servers are affordable, and upgradeable to give you the variety of Counter Strike 1.6 servers to fit your fancy.

Counter Strike 1.6 Server Prices (Monthly)

Game typeSlotsBasic
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Super Boosted
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Counter Strike 1.6 10 player$14.90$34.90
Counter Strike 1.6 12 player$17.88$41.88
Counter Strike 1.6 14 player$20.86$48.86
Counter Strike 1.6 16 player$23.84$55.84
Counter Strike 1.6 18 player$26.82$62.82
Counter Strike 1.6 20 player$29.80$69.80
Counter Strike 1.6 22 player$32.78$54.78
Counter Strike 1.6 24 player$35.76$83.76
Counter Strike 1.6 26 player$38.74
Counter Strike 1.6 28 player$41.72
Counter Strike 1.6 32 player$47.68
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Basic Game ServerBoosted Game ServerSuper Boosted Game Server
Our basic package is usually used for admins that are looking for an affordable Counter Strike server, or a larger than normal serverOur boosted package is a good way to get a high speed server for up to 24 players for Counter Strike 1.6.Our super boosted package is intended for clans trying to compete in Counter Strike 1.6 tournaments, or for small servers with insane connection speeds.

counter strike 1.6 servers

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