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rent dod server Welcome to Fragnservers Day of Defeat servers page. Our Day of Defeat servers are connected to the fastest internet backbones at multiple locations across the United States. Day of Defeat servers can come in multiple speeds to fit your needs. dod game servers
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      Day of Defeat Source Servers
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Day of Defeat Source is a PC multiplayer World War II simulator. Based off the Day of Defeat Source physics engine, Day of Defeat offers realistic and high resolution gameplay. Be with your friends online and use team tactics to make sure today isnt your Day of Defeat.

Day of Defeat Source Server Prices (Monthly)

Game typeSlotsBasic
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Super Boosted
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Day of Defeat Source 10 player$14.90$17.88$34.90
Day of Defeat Source12 player$17.88$29.88$41.88
Day of Defeat Source14 player$20.86$34.86$56.00
Day of Defeat Source16 player$23.84$39.84$55.84
Day of Defeat Source18 player$26.82$44.82
Day of Defeat Source20 player$29.80$49.80
Day of Defeat Source22 player$32.78$54.78
Day of Defeat Source24 player$35.76$59.76
Day of Defeat Source26 player$38.74
Day of Defeat Source28 player$41.72
Day of Defeat Source32 player$47.68
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Basic Game ServerBoosted Game ServerSuper Boosted Game Server
Our basic package is usually used for admins that are looking for an affordable Day of Defeat source server, or a larger than normal serverOur boosted package is a good way to get a high speed server for up to 24 players at high speeds for Day of Defeat Source.Our super boosted Day of Defeat Source servers are the top of the line in technology, to give blazing fast speeds.

Day of defeat source Servers

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