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servers rentals Welcome to FragnServers, where you can find the best game server rentals. Our multiple high speed internet backbones and fast equipment let us provide you with the fastest game server rentals. fragnservers game server login
  Game Server Rentals

Game Server Rentals

We at FragnServers pride ourselves on being a top quality game server rental company, providing our customers with the most popular server flavors at reasonable prices. Included in the list of game servers we rent are: Counter Strike Source, Day of Defeat Source, Call of Duty and Condition Zero. For a full list of our game servers, check out our extended game server rentals list. Our game servers come in different speed packages, which allows you to customize your server to fit your all of your game server rental needs.

Our game server rentals are offered in Georgia, Chicago, and New York. Each of our game server datacenters are attached to multiple high speed internet backbones. The hardware inside our game servers are blazing fast, and is kept up to date to give the best quality gameplay to all of our customers. For more information about our game server rentals and prices, take a look at our game server rentals list, or click the links below. To get support for your game server, please visit our support section or knowledge base. This includes more information about your game server, how to control it, and how to optimize your settings for the best speed. For updated news about our company, game server rentals, or policies, visit our news section on the main menu.

Popular Game Server Rentals:

Counter Strike Source Servers
Day of Defeat Server Rentals
Counter Strike 1.6 Servers
Condition Zero Server Rentals

Also, check out our Game Server Sponsorship page if you think your clan should be sponsored with a free game server!
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